• Fine Chemical industry is the one of the core industries which will lead the national economic growth in the 21st century. Thus, the government supports and subsidizes its growth. Established to cultivate competitive and advanced workforces skilled in technologies such as information technology (IT), nano-technology (NT), biotechnology (BT) and environmental technology (ET), this department provides students both strong theoretical education and practical laboratory experiences. In addition, the local industries provide students valuable on-site work experiences as a form of the academic-industrial cooperation program. This makes students even stronger and more competitive when they start their career in real world.
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Purpose of Education and Objectives

  • The area of fine chemistry is related to the technology-intensive chemical industries which have the high value-added technology and multi-special function. In addition, depending on social needs in the real world, it meets the demand of improvement of function, and the diversification of purpose. The Department of Fine chemistry was founded because of the national needs, and also has helped to cultivate the ability of students who want to have their careers in the industries based on theoretical education and practical laboratory experiences.

Career after Graduation

  • Studying at the graduate school: domestic masters or graduate school abroad
  • Area of Functional new materials: IT, NT, BT, ET, semiconductor related company
  • - IT (Information technology) material area: display electrode material
  • - NT (new material and micro-technology) material area: carbon nanotube, anti-static material, electrolyte for battery
  • - BT (Biotechnology) material area: company related with drug discovery (anti-cancer and depression), cosmetics, genetic engineering, cell culture
  • - ET (environmental-friendly and Energy) area: companies and research institutes related with cleaner production, biological processes, solar cells, and the environmental industry including resource recovery and recycling
  • Heavy chemical industry: companies producing oil refining, fertilizer, explosive powder
  • Fine chemical engineering: pigments and dye company, paint company, and manufacturing company related with surfactant, pesticide, catalyst, detergent, cosmetics, adhesive, polymer resin, additive, rubber, lubricant
  • Medical, food area: pharmaceutical company, bioactive material, and food and beverage company
  • Departmental program for the teaching profession