• In the early 1990s, Korea’s main business experienced the changeover from the heavy industry era to the high-tech industry era. To keep up with the trend of this new era, the Department of Fine Chemistry was newly established in 1992 to train professionals and provide technology and information to the fine chemical industries based on fundamental and applied research in the field of fine chemistry. Currently, the department consists of 7 faculty and 3 support staffs.
  • The first 40 students were recruited in the evening program in 1992. In February 1996, 12 students graduated for the first time. In 1999, 39 students graduated including the first full-time students recruited in 1995.
  • Every year, the number of entrance quota and graduates has increased. Currently, there are 282 enrolled students, and 825 graduates (Feb. 2011).
  • Because of the demand of the times and the national needs, most of the alumni have pivotal roles in the fine chemical industry as employees of major fine chemical companies, public servants, researchers, and graduate students.
  • 배경사진

History of Department of Fine Chemistry

  • In 1992, Department of Fine Chemistry was established (one night program, 40 students).
  • In 1995, Student recruiting for full-timeprogram began.
  • In 1996, 1st graduates were discharged (Bachelor of Science, 12 students).
  • In 2000, after the department was consolidated into College of Applied Chemical Engineering, new students were recruited. The industrial graduate school was opened. 4 graduate students entered in first term.
  • In 2005, Reorganization into the College of Nature & Life Sciences
  • In 2012, Reorganization into the College of Energy and Biotechnology and the recruitment of new students